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IBL's AYURVEDIC HAIR BUTTER is an all natural hair sealant that stimulates hair growth. Makes hair soft, shiny & healthier looking. This hair butter is perfect for braiding & twisting natural texture hair. This is an herbal shea butter formula packed with powerful nutrients  that act as hair food! 


How to use:

Mist hair with water or IBL  ALOE & ROSE WATER MIST  then apply a small amount to each section and detangle or style hair. 



Aloe powder
Ashwagandha powder
Shikakia powder
Neem powder
Amalia powder
Brahmi powder
Coconut Oil
Peppermint Oil
Mustard Oil
Castor Oil
Olive Oil
Jasmine Oil
Lavender Oil
Neem Oil
Jojoba Oil 
Shea Butter