Yoni Bar


Indie Beauty Living’s Yoni & Body Bar is an airy fresh antibacterial soap that is fragrance-free and made with fresh flowers and botanicals, that will make you feel like the Queen that you are! 

You're probably thinking SOAP ON MY YONI! NO WAY! But don't worry...

Our Yoni & Body Bar won't leave you dry and irritated. Our formula was curated to be noninvasive or harsh. Made with love and enriched with natural ingredients 

Each bar is handcrafted and made unique, just like every woman. Not only are these bars a beautiful piece of art, but they have so many amazing benefits. The Goddess Garden bar helps to clear up skin & prevent breakouts.

Reduces blemishes, scars,  ingrown hair, and razor bumps. 

Our Body & Yoni Bar balances feminine PH, promotes uterine wellness, eliminates odour and itching.  

Treat yourself to something divine and use the Indie Beauty Living Yoni & Body Bar!



  • Honey,
  • Lavender
  • Epsom salt
  • Rose Petals
  • ACV
  • Shea Butter.

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